Monday, 20 February 2012

They asked for what?! – Strange cases (II)

Cold cases; unusual items; and annoyingly incomplete stories.

#2 The kingfisher tie

a colourful and stylish kingfisher tie
A kingfisher tie, best worn with a blue shirt

“I am looking for a man's tie,” the lady wrote, “material irrelevant BUT it must have a picture of a Kingfisher [the bird] on it at the front!! AND in colour.”

We had to wonder... how many ties are decorated on the back? And how many with Kingfishers that aren't birds?

Do you own a bird-themed tie? Please post your photos below.

If you have a case for The Thing Detectives, please get in touch through the usual channels.


  1. A quick google of kingfisher gives - an airline, a home improvement company, a lager (yep you know the one), and a natural toothpaste with no colourings.

    Cant see many of these making waves in the tie market. Then again, how many people have a tie with a tube of toothpaste on. Definitely a niche in the market there.

    1. Toothpaste ties... maybe more of a cravat?

      The pilots from Kingfisher airlines wear ties with the company logo on:
      But as their logo is a Kingfisher, we're back to square one.

      Maybe there's a "Fisher King" tie with Robin Williams on it? And if there is, would it count?