Wednesday, 29 February 2012

They asked for what?! – Strange cases (III)

Cold cases; unusual items; and annoyingly incomplete stories.

#3 the medical etching

A medical drawing by Faustino Anderloni
A medical etching by Faustino Anderloni, 1813.
Nothing says "happy holidays" like an exposed Trachea.

 “I am looking for an antique medical etching... best would be anything to do with the chest or oesophagus or surgical in nature.”

This was by no means the strangest request we’ve had, but put together with the client’s parting words-

“Hurry, I need it by Christmas.”

-it certainly makes you wonder about that particular Christmas morning.

Still… it beats socks, I suppose.

What’s the strangest Christmas present you’ve ever searched for?

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